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Best Practices for Data Backup

When it comes to data backup, there are usually several questions that come up. Your data is one of the most important assets in your business and protecting it, or rather, backing it up is essential to being successful.

  1. Managing and Minimizing Storage Requirements

When planning your backup solution you will first want to look at how much data you will need to back up.  But you don’t want to look at only your current data but you expected data.  There are several ways to calculate and predict your data growth so make sure to take advantage of them to build your backup solution to grow over the next few years.

  1. Redundancy

Just taking a data backup of your data isn’t enough, you need to have a “Backup of your backup.”  What this means is to have a solution in place that stores or replicates your data to an offsite facility in case something happens to your home location, you won’t lose your data.  Some solutions include tapes which are sent to an offsite facility, and replicating your data to an offsite data center.

  1. Consider Security of your Backup

IT professionals like to talk about security throughout your entire business, and your data is no different. When picking a location to store your redundant backups be sure to consider the safety of your data.  The offsite location needs to be a place that will spare your data from a local disaster.

  1. Build a Retention Plan

Some might feel that storing the data from the beginning of time sounds like a good idea, but it’s good practice to let some of the data go. This will not only free up space in your data plan but allow your backup solution to serve you for longer.  So be sure to carefully plan out your retention plan and when to roll your data.

  1. Plan for Accessibility

How will you access your backup?  How long would it take for you to backup critical files in a hurry?

Considering the amount of time to access and restore your backups is very important.  You can have a solution that requires you to call tapes back and pull data off of them or you can have a setup that allows you to restore files instantly from a backup server or appliance.

Looking for the right data backup solution for your company might be tedious or overwhelming. However, once you have a plan and process in place, you will be able to rest easy and focus on doing what you do best.

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Backup Recovery

Why backup and disaster recovery is important for your business

When it comes to your business nothing else matters but being able to provide your products or services to your clients. When I talk to business owners the one key factor that keeps coming up is what happens if your network crashes, your internet goes down or some malicious ransom-ware like Crypto-locker infects your system. Those items are more likely to happen than a natural disaster (flooding, tornado, hurricane, etc.) Most of these companies have backups of their data that’s stored either on their servers or old clunky LTO tapes on site.

Let’s go through a scenario, its 10am on a Wednesday and everything is working fine, your company has a major deal in the works and then the fear hits. Your network has just shut-down for reasons unknown. Everything you had worked on was on the network and now it’s inaccessible. You call your IT Company or IT person to get this resolved as soon as possible. They go through the typical steps to try and mitigate the problem. The IT guys tell you that they need to restore the data and need to get the tapes out of storage. Now, you wait. Could be minutes, could be hours or even days to get the data restored depending on the type and size of data that was lost. This is one of the main reasons Why Tape storage is a dying technology!

In today’s IT world more and more backup admins and IT companies are now pushing their companies to a BDR solution.

But why?

A Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is a game changing aspect for companies in the sense of business continuity. A BDR solution has varying levels of abilities and service. In a simple description, you are able to backup all of your data as you did before with an in-house server. That server can in turn replicate to the cloud, allowing your business to operate from anywhere with an internet connection.

Quorum’s quick 5min demo of how they are able to give you complete business continuity, whether you have a complete internet or systems failure you can be assured that you can be up and running as if nothing ever happened. Your network outage just became a trip to the nearest internet connection.

The next problem when I have offered this suggestion to business owners is, WOW that sounds great!

But, it also sounds expensive.

They are right, to get a system like this you will pay a little more on the front end. But when each client takes into account the cost of an outage that include things like salaries, potential deals, potential products sales, services lost, resources lost and recreating all of the lost data, they understand the value of a complete backup and disaster recovery solution.

If you aren’t backing up your data, it could end your business when you experience an outage. With any backup technology whether its tapes, another server, or a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution you are purchasing insurance for your data.

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